SYSTEMCOM Ltd. is fully integrated solutions provider and new products developer in information and communication technology (ICT). We offer products and services in building information systems and in microelectronic design consulting to our global customers and partners.

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The path from the real world to the digital word

High Performance Analogue/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits


Current-Input Analogue Front End with 13-bit ADC SC-I-AFE-180F110     PDF 
Current-to-Voltage Converter SC-IQ-IUC-180F310  PDF 
Current-Input Analogue Front End – Core SC-IC-AFE-180F209   PDF 
Current-Input Analogue Front End with SPI I/F SC-I-AFE-180F210     PDF 
Fully Differential 13-bit ADC SC-FD-ADC-180F410  PDF 


Systemcom Ltd. is responsible and reliable partner in consulting concerning microelectronic design, powered by the experience achieved in the long-time cooperation with Compaq, Intel and Robert Bosch GmbH. Top level expertise, good knowledge of English language and good communication skills are our advantages.

Our strength lies in the experience in analogue and mixed signal design. Contact us with your requirements either about specific IP module or overall ASIC design turn-key solution: info@systemcom.hr

Software Engineering & Data Enabling

Embedded Systems

We foster systematic and disciplined approach to software development, production and maintenance, using appropriate methods, various programming languages and platforms taking into account real user needs.

We offer sophisticated software solutions including powerful mathematical and statistical data processing and mining, taking care about customer’s current applications. Contact us with your requirements at:  info@systemcom.hr

Authorised Representative

Systemcom Ltd. is reseller and distributor of outstanding software product Statistica as the partner of the company StatSoft (Europe) GmbH from Germany, covering Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. We are authorised for both commercial and technical support and courses.

Cryogenic Balanced INductive Detector

CryoBIND equipment for susceptibility measurement primarily targets the problem of sensitivity, a decisive quantity in measurements of small magnetic signals. In many cases the signals are small either due to the reduced sample volume (small single crystals, thin films) or it is small due to intrinsic reasons (like in paramagnets far above their ordering temperature).