Product Brief

SC-FD-ADC-180F410  PDF 
Fully Differential 13-bit ADC

The path from the real world to the digital word

The SC-FD-ADC-180F410 is a silicon IP module for analogue-to-digital conversion of fully differential input signal. It provides conversion with the programmable resolution, from 7 to 12 bit, with additional polarity bit. Automatic procedures for self calibration and offset cancellation are incorporated in the module to account for process imperfections and influence of the operating condition change.

As a standalone solution with interface to the digital logic, it is well suited for integration in a SoC, where solution with low power, high linearity and moderate conversion speed is needed. Conversion time is fully programmable with the resolution setting as well as with the setting of bit period. Conversion clocks are generated locally from the basic clock.

Functional block diagram SC-FD-ADC-180F410

Key Targeted Features

  • 7 to 12 bit programmable resolution with the additional polarity bit
  • INL error < 0.7 LSB
  • Sample speed from 27 kSPS – 7 bit to 8.5 kSPS – 13 bit
  • 5 bit digital setting for bit period
  • Incorporated offset cancellation procedure for internal offset
  • Self calibration to set maximum input voltage range (1.3V)
  • Differential input voltage range 1.3 V
  • Common voltage 0.8V
  • Hysteresis feature for noisy environments
  • Power down mode included
  • Single supply voltage: 1.6 V to 1.8 V
  • Power consumption: ~ 1 mW (without digital part)
  • Operating temperature range: -40C to 125C
  • Compact IP area: ~ 0.98 mm


  • TSMC 180nm 1P6M mixed signal



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