Embedded Systems

Embedded systems, usually designed for executing the dedicated task, are found in the wide range of devices, such as consumer electronics (mp3 players, videogame consoles, kitchen appliances), medical equipment (very promising area), transportation systems (GPS devices, traffic lights systems, the car industry), industrial electronics, etc. The development of the embedded systems requires parallel design of hardware and software part.

Wide range of user interfaces is used in embedded systems – from simple usage of buttons to more complex menus displayed using LCDs. CPU platform is usually either microprocessor or microcontroller with additional peripherals on the chip. Low volume systems are build upon PC/104 boards, while high volume systems utilize SoC configuration. Development of the software for embedded systems assumes the use of standard tools like compilers, assemblers and debuggers. In the debugging process, due to the nature of embedded systems, usage of specific tools is required, like in circuit debuggers or JTAG interface.

Systemcom offers embedded systems development, both software and hardware oriented.

Those tools enable the enlargement of  Eclipse IDE features. Both tools can be downloaded through Web pages in the sub-menu.

  • First tool (SC JN-4031) makes much easier development of C i C++ applications.
  • Second tool (SC NS+T) gives new possibilities grouped as follows: Network services and Terminal. Network services include the implementation of the following network protocols: Bootp, Tftp and Nfs. Terminal enables the emulation for Telnet and serial connections.

Our engineers are also experts in the following areas:

  • Developing and maintenance of GNU based toolchain used in the project of software embedded system development.
  • Making of Eclipse base GUI that uses GNU based toolchain.