The list of references includes, among others, Compaq, HP, Intel, Robert Bosch, Allianz, Croatian Ministries and State Offices, public services, Croatian Telecom, Croatian Power Company, big companies like “Koncar”, INA, Pliva, then banks, SMEs, all Croatian universities, high schools, many R&D institutes, institutions like chambers and associations.

Systemcom has been recognized as the “Company in Good Standing” with the recommendation “With whom to do Business in Croatia” by Croatian Institute for Business Intelligence because of its permanently good business results.

In the years of 2000. and 2001. Ms Srebrenka Ursic, Systemcom CEO, was the member of the working group of Croatian Government in charge of making strategic document: “Croatia in 21st Century – Information and Communications Technology”.

Special recognition

In the year of 2001. and 2002. Systemcom has contributed in the development of one of the best world’s microprocessors achieving excellent results and outstanding recognition as follows.

Member of the remote American team described it as follows:

“The Systemcom design team contributed to the initial phase of design migration for the latest process upgrade of the current design generation. They successfully delivered quality data with the excellent turnaround time. The teams breadth helped them contribute not only to the actual design migration task, but also enabled them to help establish proper guidelines for some yet undefined methodology procedures. The teams ability to quantify and document issues, then suggest specific steps to achieve a viable solution was key to helping resolve issues more quickly.”

Recognitions from responsible project leaders and their managers were as follows:

“I just want to thank everyone on a job well done… This is outstanding work and just the beginning of what I feel we can accomplish together. Please pass my appreciation on to the whole team. There hard work has been noticed.” (Principal – Senior Layout Designer)

“Thanks for the good work! Completing the structural conversion ….. are significant contributions to….. cause. We appreciate your efforts.” (Project Chip Leader)

“Outstanding work and very much appreciated. We certainly could not deliver ….. on our aggressive schedule without your efforts.” (VP, Alpha General Manager)

“The team delivered faster than we could feed them with new tasks.”

“I will add my words of appreciation. Your team’s outstanding performance has built much appreciation and confidence. We look forward to many joint successes and growth in the future. Keep up the great work there is many more challenges ahead.” (Director Alpha Design and CAD)