Systemcom Ltd. is established in the year of 1993. Areas of activities, within the broader field of information and communication technology (ICT), are as follows:

  • Software development and production – since 1993.
  • Microelectronics – chip design – since 2001.
  • Information systems – since 1993.
  • Authorised and certified distributor for prestigious software products  – since 1994.:- Statistica (TIBCO® Software Inc., U.S.A.),- Mathematica (Wolfram Research Inc., U.S.A.) – until 2016.

Software development and production

Projects dealing with software development, production and maintenance have been Systemcom strengths from the very beginning. We have always made the effort to take into account real users’ needs, to use appropriate methods and to chose proper  programming languages and platforms. Those projects mostly have been from the fields of finances, insurance, etc. From the other hand, along with software (SW) development skills, we have also good knowledge and understanding of hardware (HW) that allows us simultaneous software and hardware development (SW/HW co-design). We collaborated on such complex joint projects with global companies like Intel and HP / Compaq, where we developed many software modules within their EDA tool-chain for design automation (EDA – Electronic Design Automation). We also successfully collaborated on development of microcontrollers’ software solutions. We developed our own products: the open graphical development environment for advanced embedded systems and EDA tool chain SILBA-TC©.

Microelectronics – chip design

Since 2001. microelectronic group has been working on design and testing the most complex microelectronic chips:

  • microprocessor development – collaboration with Intel, HP and Compaq,
  • development of analog and mixed analog-digital integrated circuits – collaboration with Bosch.

We developed our own inovative products: Current Input Analog Front-End IP Modules / ASICs.

Information systems

Since the establishment until now, we work on building, implementation and maintenance of ICT systems.There are two approaches:  “turn-key” solutions or developing modules in the existing information system (mainly in Oracle DBMS). We emphasize our offer named “Data Enabling ” – the service dedicated to organizations that handle large amounts of data. The goal is to provide usefull hidden information using sophisticated methods, such as data mining. Optional offer in that  service are also: statistical and / or mathematical data processing, excellent visualization, finding deterministic or heuristic pattern, creating prognostic data model, etc.

Authorised and certified distributor

We are authorised and certified distributor for outstanding software product Statistica. It has been licensed for many years through Systemcom to Croatian universities and many R&D institutes, with our full technical and business support. We are also authorised for giving respective courses. It has been the case with software product Mathematica until the year of 2016.