Data Enabling

More and more sophisticated technologies of today are dictating also rapid development of new information technologies. The right answer is to boldly enter in the new digital era and to apply new solutions that could enhance professional development. Large amount of data are generated and/or stored in such processes. Challenge is to find hidden useful information in huge amount of data, to visualize and to process data, to perform complex calculations and to roduce predictions. We call that activity “Data Enabling”.

During long years of experience in building information systems, we have noticed that there is a need for applying smaller software solutions that efficiently solve specific tasks. Those solutions are also enough universal so they don’t depend upon technology that is applied for overall information system solution. We have developed a few solutions and/or modules that bring many improvements in employee and management everyday work, and also in information system efficiency. They are based on our experience in building information systems, as well as on expertise achieved as a distributor and expert for Statistica and Mathematica software tools.

We offer solutions that enable many improvements as follows:

  • Finding relevant (hidden) information and rules in existing databases (“data mining”), particularly important when management must make (risky) decisions.
  • Supporting risk management process and decision making process based on developing and using stochastic, dynamically stochastic and deterministic models.
  • Efficient handling and sophisticated data processing from large databases.
  • Increasing information system functionality, without deteriorating integrity and security of the existing system.
  • Significantly faster processing for crucial tasks.
  • Outstanding visualization and presentation.
  • Paying respect to the information system interoperability.
  • Interactivity in the whole analytical/prognostic life cycle.