Product Brief

SC-I-AFE-180F110  PDF 
Current-Input Analogue Front End with 13-bit ADC

The path from the real world to the digital word

The SC-I-AFE-180F110 chip provides a silicon IP module and/or ASIC solution for the analogue front-end (AFE) function with ADC, optimized for current-input, low power & high resolution applications. This chip provides a complete signal path between sensor system and microcontroller, generating digital word proportional to the input current. 

It is ideally suited for a broad range of devices with the sensor system where the generic information about the phenomenon to be measured – light or other physical or chemical or electrochemical appearance – passes the first electrical conversion to the current. The IP implementation enables easy further System on Chip (SoC) integration of follow up functions.

SC-I-AFE-180F110 – Functional block diagram

Key Targeted Features

  • Detection and measurement of low input current
    from hundreds of pA to 1 mA |absolute value|
  • Detection of small input current difference (ΔI) on the level of hundreds of pA
  • Overall gain up to 1296 (programmable gains 1, 3, 6)
  • High linearity: < 0.5 LSB per gain stage for 13-bit resolution (±1.3 V dynamic range)
  • Low noise PGA (switched-capacitor architecture)
  • 13-bit ADC with built-in self-calibration and offset cancellation
  • ADC’s INL < 0.7 LSB (13-bit resolution)
  • Single supply voltage: 1.6 V to 1.8 V
  • Internal band-gap voltage reference: 1.0 V
  • Internal voltage and current references
  • User control over standard SPI interface
  • Programmable clocking for PGA and S&H
  • Built in FIFO for fast consecutive measurements (depth 8, 16 bit)
  • Power consumption: ~ 6.1 mW
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
  • Compact IP area: ~ 5.8 mm²


  • TSMC 180nm 1P6M mixed signal

Customization Offer

The customization is open to the potential customers on demand. The key emphasis is to meet the system developers' needs in a way to allow quick customization and/or optimization either for the specific sensor system or application.

Flexible re-configurations of the built-in functions are enabled because of the modular design and our original circuit solutions (some features could be changed). Customization of current design or new circuits with additional features, depending on the specific application requirements, are as follows:

  • Customisable current ranges on demand, for instance:
    - high current detection up to 10 mA (for the industrial applications)
  • Rearrangement of the PGA gain
  • Digital control for battery-saving low-power modes
  • Strict consumption (power-down) control
  • Possibility to detect input voltages instead of input currents, or both
  • Ability to upgrade into multi-channel input, etc.

Advantages on the Chip Level

Features which make the difference, worthy to be highlighted:

  • Direct interface to the sensor system
  • Stable internal voltage and current references with only one external component (resistor @ 100 kohms)
  • Highly linear current-to-voltage conversion achieved by using Transimpendance Amplifier (TIA) architecture
  • Special circuit for current management and biasing of PiN diode in auto-zero mode
  • Effective offset cancellation throughout the signal path
  • Low power consumption ideally suited for battery-powered operation; each block has built-in power-down ability that enables effective power management
  • Built-in guard rings for the noise isolation
  • Carefully done layout, following circuit design, with special emphasis on matching
  • Fully functional temperature range: from -40°C to 125°C, under investigation up to 180°C



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