Information for the electronic devices designer !

When you have the sensor system with current output at the input of your electronic device under development, the follow-up AFE Family is very applicable in the range from hundreds of picoA to 1 mA  | absolute value |

The AFE Family chip can be used in large variety of applications - optical systems, pollution-detectors and monitoring, water treatment and processing, HVAC engineering industries, amperometric applications, chemical species identification, car engine control systems, navigation systems,  precision process control, accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, gases, humidity, smoke-alarm, air quality, radiation, alcohol-detector - to mention just a few.

Why not to use AFE Family in any electronic device and electrical appliance that fetch data from analogue sensors with current output – for instance electrochemical blood glucose meter, x-ray detection systems, ct scanners or generally anywhere where photodiode sensors are being used?

If you are in doubt whether AFE Family is the right solution for your system, contact us:

We offer:

  • customization to meet your needs
  • wide optimization possibilities either for the specific sensor system or application