The path from the real world to the digital word

Application areas

  • Industrial & Consumer: bio industry – medical, environmental, agriculture, aquaculture, food, ecology (i.e. soil, air, water pollution, radioactivity) / photonics / energy & process control (smart meters & grids) / instrumentation / automotive & security / military equipment & aircraft / smart phones, gadgets, PCs & notebooks with built-in sensors
  • R&D and scientific projects, especially in the life science

Application example

Modern medical diagnostic device based on the achievements in bio-, micro- & nano-
technology with the optical sensor as a phenomenon detector

Benefits on the System Level

  • Such analogue front end solution is the crucial part determining system’s accuracy and reliability of displayed results
  • Detection and measurement of low input current in the range of hundred of pA, well suited for biosensors, photosensors, LED and PIN diodes
  • Top performance is the imperative in the systems built with modern nanobiosensors, MEMS/MOEMS biosensors and  microfluidic systems ("lab-on-a-chip")
  • Easy external post-processing, either by DSP, microcontroller, microprocessor, FPGA, etc.

Support on the system level

Our key goal is that this analogue front-end implementation meets the system level performance of competing dedicated ICs – optimized both in price and performance. With strong technical HW and SW expertise Systemcom Ltd. can provide customers with the following all-around additional technical support (on-demand):

  • Additional chip measurements and characterisation
  • Service in the evaluation board (PCB) development to be used for device testing, production, after-sales, R&D
  • Development of the specific test environment (both SW and HW)
  • System level consulting on the customer’s specific application requirements
  • Support during SoC design
  • Participation in the modelling on the system level based on the models like VHDL and MATLAB
  • Development of the embedded system including respective microcontroller software



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