AFE Family

Analogue Front End (AFE) is the critical part of the electronic device with the sensor system, especially when the  current is the output information of the sensor system. The accuracy and reliability of displayed results depends on the AFE performance. 

Top performance is also an imperative to make the most of newly developed nanobiosensors, MEMS & MOEMS sensors and microfluidic systems (lab-on-a-chip).

Our family of customizable Current-Input Analogue Front End IP modules provides system developers with the solution that is ideally suited for a broad range of devices with the sensor system where the generic information about the phenomenon under detection – light or other physical or chemical or electrochemical  appearance – passes the first electrical conversion to the current. 

The measurement results revealed excellent matching with our simulations and proved the expected functionality even for the highest operating temperatures.

Systemcom AFE family is released at Design & Reuse portal.

AFE family consists of five compatible and consequential IP modules.
 Have a look in more detailed data:

  1. SC-I-AFE-180F110  Current Input Analogue Front End with 13-bit ADC
  2. SC-IQ-IUC-180F310  Current to Voltage Converter
  3. SC-IC-AFE-180F209  Current Input Analogue Front End – Core
  4. SC-I-AFE-180F210  Current Input Analogue Front End with SPI Interface
  5. SC-FD-ADC-180F410 Fully Differential 13-bit ADC. 


The acknowledgement:

"I like to tell you that I am very impressed by the achievements of your group and the professional  presentation of the data sheets."

Professor Paul Jespers, Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium