IP Modules

Systemcom Ltd. is IC design house offering design services and customer-specific IP module & ASIC  turnkey solutions especially for the automotive, medical, environmental, industrial and consumer market.

The core business is analogue and mixed-signal IC design. The core expertise is in interfacing sensor  systems with the further analogue and ADC processing, with focus on low power and high performance. Potential customers are both end product (i.e. system) developers and the semiconductor industry.

The family of customizable Current-Input Analogue Front End IP modules is new product, ready for the market at beginning of 2012. and customizable immediately!

The IP module integration in System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions is easy and designed as “right-on-first-pass”:

  • IP modules are silicon validated at TSMC 180 nm mixed-signal technology (1P6M).
  • Design, layout engineering and measurement expertise in analogue and mixed signal circuits, including techniques to avoid cross-talk from digital part into more sensitive analogue part, ensures the best chance for the first time success.
  • Behavioural models on the system level (VHDL, MATLAB) are available.

With long-standing expertise in microelectronics and software development we are dedicated to support system developers in achieving shortest time cycle from product concept to revenue shipment.

Microelectronic Analogue Research is our WIN orientation expressed by the trade mark MAR-WIN.