Modelling & Feasibility

The first step in designing new integrated circuit is to develop behavioural models (like MATLAB® / Simulink®) and HDL (Hardware Description Language) models in order  to test the solution feasibility on the system level concerning both analogue and digital part of the chip.

Even if the model cannot represent all challenges that appear in the design it can prove the design concept as feasible and reliable, or not.

The model is based on the components and modules stored at the respective library. The procedure to change and to improve the model and to test new concepts is straight forward. 

Our service of modelling complex integrated circuit on the system level takes into account important features of behavioural and HDL modelling a follows:

  • the hierarchical organization of the future solution, down to the specific level of hierarchy
  • modelling critical part of the design in detail
  • using reusable components and modules from the respective library
  • designing functional behaviour of the analogue and digital part and the whole chip
  • interfacing with other EDA tools ( EDA – Electronic Design Automation)
  • exporting simulation results of the model to the other analysis tools
  • the usability to compare several design solutions
  • the prove of the design concept.