Digital Design

64 -bit Alpha microprocessor

Systemcom obtained valuable experience in circuit design, optimisation, verification and layout design of complex digital circuits participating in 64bit Alpha microprocessor development and also in several generations of Itanium microprocessor design. 

We participated in projects in demanding CMOS and SOI (Silicon on Insulator) technologies with teams in global companies such as Compaq, HP and Intel, mostly through their Massachusetts Microprocessor Design Center.

We are proud of Systemcom participation in the development of microprocessors that contributed to the important scientific discoveries, like the project of completing the map of the human genome in the year of 2003, accomplished with Compaq Alpha servers (as per below enclosed text).




New York, N.Y. — When researchers at Celera Genomics, the Sanger Centre, the Whitehead Institute, and the National Institutes of Health announced that they had collaborated in completing the map of the human genome, they were highlighting a monumental scientific achievement made possible by high performance computing technology from Compaq Computer Corporation.

 The supercomputers used by Celera Genomics, the Sanger Centre, and the Whitehead Institute were Compaq AlphaServers running Tru64 UNIX and TruCluster software.


 Our service in the design of digital integrated circuits is enhanced by knowledge as follows:

  • Understanding of nanometer and also deep submicron SOI semiconductor technologies.
  • Some members of the team have had long time experience in semiconductor processing.
  • Knowledge of the device physics and familiarity with current CMOS technologies and interactions with VLSI circuits.
  • Knowledge of the design techniques from transistor – level to complex digital systems.
  • Experience in the design (bottom – up) and the synthesis (top – down) of digital circuits and systems.
  • Experience in the design of analogue parts in complex digital systems.