IC Design Service

In the area of microelectronic design, Systemcom is mostly focused on analogue and mixed signal design, especially front-end interfaces for the electronic systems with sensor at the input.  We developed our own innovative product – the input interface chip for nanotechnology biosensors, by financial support of HAMAG-BICRO Ltd. – the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovation and Investments established by the Government of the Republic of Croatia with the purpose of enhancing SME development and promoting investment and innovation. The Agency is an independent institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts.

During many years of work as a partner in the field of digital and analogue integrated circuits design with global companies such as Compaq, HP, Intel and Bosch, Systemcom is recognized as a reliable partner with top – level expertise. Achieved experience and knowledge, which constantly grow, then willingness for study and insight into latest trends in microelectronics, improve our quality and competitiveness.

We offer the services in designing from the scratch and testing either analogue or digital chips, then outsourcing service in larger projects by undertaking particular blocks and/or modules design. We develop IP / SIP (Semiconductor Intellectual Property) modules for the open market. We are also capable of accomplishing partial phases in the cycle of chip design as follows:

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at University of Zagreb. The example of cooperation is the mixed-signal chip for consumer electronics.